Episode 21 Sprignature Moves on Empty Nesting

Let’s say you have 30 minutes to sit down and talk with a super geek dad who hacks work, life and parenting with ninja like precision and awesomeness. Would you take the time?aspriggs2_300x300

Well here at #RandomDads we would and we did. Paul chats with the infamous Adam Spriggs of SprignatureMoves.com to talk about the life of empty nesting for dads. First, Adam puts the random in random dad. From his odd interest in cats to his freakish skills with coding, Adam has many interests that seem completely random. Second, Adam shares how he and his wife transitioned one of their children to college and now are working to transition a second. In the midst, they work at their relationship, begin to experience moments of empty nesting, and plan for the future when more free time opens them up to a new life together.

In perfect Adam fashion, he not only shares about his transition into new found domestic freedom but also how his family operates. One of the benefits is how his family solved the long held family dispute to that painful evening question, “What’s for dinner?” Adam shares his super, ninja hack (starts at 29:44) to that question. So listen to the episode then click this link to get the beautiful results.


So grab a cup a Crema.Co‘s latest and sit back for a tasty earful of random dadness from SprignatureMoves!nbacatwatch

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