Your Family Needs Grit

You’re Going to Finish It was a hot, July day. The salty sweat was pouring down my mask into my eyes. The coach was yelling at me for what seemed […]

Free Range or Helicopter Parenting

Parenting Tensions I firmly believe that there are irresolvable tensions that exist in life. Tensions, which are neither good nor bad, but merely exist and each of us fall some […]

Get Your Sweat On

Here is a no frills, no nonsense 30 minute workout that’ll get you sweating. Quick and easy. Just tap play! If you look like this when you’re done then you […]

The Trainer is In

Hey Random Dads! Well, we’ve been on holiday for some time. In that time, Jacob’s fam has grown to include two more littles and Paul’s grown and looks like he’s […]