Well this is it #RandomDads This episode we’re taking you behind the curtain and letting you in on why Jacob and Paul are so messed up. It’s because both of them were raised free range style. That’s right. Those wild kids you hated grew up and the results….we’ll leave that judgment up to you.


Now these two Random Dads have to decide, along with their spouses, what they are going to do with their kids. To be free rangers or to be helicopters, those seem like the extremes, which is where Random Dads like to take things. Listen in for a little bit of parenting joy and a whole lot of “how not to do it” advice.

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Free Range or Helicopter Parenting

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Paul sits down with the talented Matt Cremona of YouTube fame! Matt describes himself as a dad who makes videos about woodworking on the internet. Random indeed!

Listen in as Matt shares the benefits and struggles of being both a full time entrepreneur and dad. If you’re a dad who is an entrepreneur or thinking about diving into that world, Matt’s real world experience will give you a perspective on what to expect when you make the move or how you might tweak what you’re doing.


Check out Matt’s Website if you’re interested in learning more about him:


YouTube Channel to see his business at work:


Peek at some of his projects:

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[Photo Matt Cremona]

Jacob and Paul are back! After a long break following season 1, the team is back at with a hot topic, discipline. The guys waxes philosophically and ponder, “To spank or not to spank? That is the question.” Comment with your perspective on the topic. Are you pro spanking or do you practice alternative discipline methods?


If you’re interested in digging more into different disciplining techniques, we’ve found these resources helpful.

From Today’s Parent – 6 discipline fallbacks… and how to fix them!

From Missional Living – Sociologist Reuben Hill’s Parenting Styles

From Gary Chapman – The 5 Love Languages of Children

The Doctor – As always we recommend Dr. Stephanie Steele on issues of relationship, even parent and child relationships. Listen to our chat with Dr. Stephanie in Episode 16.


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